<h3>Curtin University</h3>
Curtin International Scholarships – Australian Year 12
maximum of 25% of the first-year tuition fee

Curtin International Scholarships – Merit Scholarship
25% of first year tuition fee, up to a maximum of<b>AUD$10,000.</b>

Curtin International Scholarships – Alumni &amp; Family Scholarship
25% of first year of tuition fee, up to a maximum of <b>AUD$10,000</b>.
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<h3>Curtin College</h3>
Curtin College Scholarship
12.5% off the published Diploma fees.

Academic Merit Scholarship 2015
<b>AUD $4,000</b>

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<h3>Deakin University</h3>
Postgraduate Course Fees Bursary
10 per cent reduction per unit on their enrolment fees on any postgraduate award course.

Deakin University International Scholars Program (DUISP)
A$5000 per year of study for up to four years of study

Global Leaders Scholarship
20 per cent fee reduction for the entire course

Post Graduate Scholarship
10- 25% on merit basis

Under Graduate Scholarship
20-25% based on merit basis

Postgraduate Merit scholarships, Faculty of Science
Either <b> $12,000 or $6,000 (payable after census date each semester)</b>
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<h3>Federation University</h3>
Accommodation Scholarship (at the Ballarat and Gippsland campuses)
Up to <b>AUD 3000</b>
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<h3>Griffith University</h3>
Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships
<b>AUD 5,000 (Two tuition payments of AUD 2,500 each).</b>

Postgraduate Coursework Excellence Scholarships
<b>AUD 3,000 (Two tuition payments of AUD1,500)</b>

GELI Direct Entry Program (DEP) Scholarship
<b>AUD 1,000</b> towards first semester tuition fees.

Griffith International Scholarship for QIBT Diploma to Degree
<b>AUD 1,000 </b>towards first semester tuition fees.

Post Graduate Engineering Scholarship
<b> $1,500 – $4,500</b> for students undertaking 3 semester PG engineering
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English Proficiency Bursary
<b>AUD 3000</b>

Tuition Fee Bursary
<b>AUD 3000</b>
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<h3>La Trobe University</h3>
Regional Campus Scholarship

<b>AUD 5000</b>
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ELICOS Scholarship
5 to 10 weeks of ELICOS
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International Student Scholarship
Up to<b> AUD 5000 </b>for tuition fees
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University Excellence Scholarship
In order to apply for these scholarships, students should have at least

Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship
Up to <b> AUD 10,000</b> one time
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Foundation Pathway Scholarships
<b>AUD 3000</b>
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<h3>RMIT University</h3>
Scholarships for Indian Students
<b>AUD 5000</b>
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<h3>Swinburne University of Technology</h3>
2 year Master’s Program Scholarship
25% of your total tuition fees

Dean’s International Postgraduate Design Scholarship
25% of total course tuition fees.
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<h3>Taylors College</h3>
Academic Scholarships
<b>Up to AUD 5000</b>
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<h3>TAFE Queensland</h3>
TAFE Queensland Scholarship
<b> AUD 5000</b>
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<h3>University of Queensland</h3>
The School of Chemistry &amp; Molecular Biosciences Indian Scholarship
50% of tuition fees

Master of Laws (LLM) scholarship
100% tuition fee waiver for up to 3 semesters towards the LLM program.
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<h3>UTS – Insearch</h3>

Aspire Scholarship Program
<b>A$ 4,000</b>
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<h3>University of Technology Sydney</h3>
UTS Scholarship for Outstanding International Students
Maximum of AUD 5000
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<h3>University of Western Australia</h3>
Postgraduate Merit scholarships, Faculty of Science
Either $12,000 or $6,000 (payable after census date each semester)

Post Graduate Scholarship for Indian Students
Level 1 is valued at $3,000 per year
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